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  The final chapter in the great Flintmobile Heist unfolded Saturday May 3rd 2014, as the three teenaged boys responsible for the Flintstones car month-long disappearance performed duties in and around WORLD'S BEST COMICS AND TOYS at 2608 Watt Avenue.  As part of this agreement, they were decked out in Flintstones costumes for this year's annual FREE COMIC BOOK DAY event, one of our biggest days all year, which took place from 10am - 7pm Saturday, May 3rd. We passed out over 20 cases of free comics, had photo ops with our fan-favorite FLINTMOBILE, and had on hand ice-cold Cactus Coolers for the thirsty!
If you have photos from this event, please email them to

Channel 13: Teens Who Stole Flintstones Car Pay Off Their Debts

Channel 40: Teen Thieves Punished, Publicly Dress as The Flintstones

FROM JANUARY 13th, 2014

  YES, IT'S BACK!!! Plus, the replacement FLINTMOBILE from Concerned Citizen Mark Runyan......from ZERO Flintmobiles to TWO Flintmobiles in less than a week! Thanks to the Sacramento Sheriff's Dept, Eric Tofsrud (who supplied me with the photo of it being stolen), Country Club Lanes Bowling Alley (who supplied the footage of the thieves in action), and anyone who cared about this!

The Flintmobile and the 3 male youths responsible for its theft were brought to me yesterday afternoon (1/13/2014) by two deputies from the Sheriff's Department. The perpetrators all apologized, and it was obvious that they felt quite stupid about the whole thing. After I talked with one of the officers it was decided not to press charges, but instead have them work it off a day at my store some time in the near future. I'm picturing at the very least Fred and Barney costumes. Let the punishment fit the crime!

Here is the CNN report, this played about every two hours for a day and a half in mid-December:
  Please send email, call my store at 916-973-8973, or post message on  my store's FACEBOOK PAGE if you think you have any information that will help.  
  Please call 916-973-8973 or email if you have any info.
  Several people have called or e-mailed to say they saw it
in someone's front yard Christmas display.
I checked it out and this is NOT it (but close...)!
Who would have thought there'd be more than one of these things?
  4 photos from Friday night around 10:30, sent in by a concerned citizen...

  He says "The only thing I remember about the truck, is that it was a diesel"  

One poster on my FACEBOOK PAGE said "Looks like a late 90's Dodge 1500 Ram truck with mud tires with possibly BF Goodrich or Pirrelli mud tires. Judging from the pic the tires are half worn. The size of the tires could be 31x1150 or 32x1250."  I'm willing to take their word for it.

  Any help in identifying this truck would be greatly appreciated.   You can send email, call my store at 916-973-8973, or post message on  my store's FACEBOOK PAGE.